Frequently Asked Questions

Gear List 

Is a canteen a drink bladder?


Paddles and life vests are provided but can we also bring our own?


What are the wetsuits for? Swimming or kayaking?

For both and also for canyoning

What type of boats we will be using?

Sit-on-top K2

What do we need to put in the waterproof bags?

The safety equipment and what else you want to keep dry

What are sportIdent cards?

Electronic cards used for chronometric register in Orienteering

Can we use an ATC instead of a figure 8 for rappelling?


What about the roller/trikke sections, can we use just rollerblades or we have to use a combination of both?

All four athletes can use inline skates and the organization will provide two Trikkes maximum if needed

Can we use a second layer of polypropylene instead of a polar fleece?

No, polar fleece over a polypropylene's first layer will be the best option for the cold nights 

Race  Course

How long will be the portages in the paddling sections?

At the starting of the 3rd stage, 5th section you will have a 650 m steep descent  

On the same section, you'll have to overcome a dam (750m, with a small ascent and a descent)

And for the teams on the 2nd shortcut, 350m at the arrival

For the teams on the 1st shortcut, 4th stage, 1st section, to overcome a dam (1650m, long climb and descent)

At the starting of the 5th stage, 2nd section , 650m in a rocky path

Do the race have any dark zones? 

No, when a team arrives after the time scheduled for some sections (i.e. canyoning and white water), they must continue by trekking in an alternative route 

Will bikes have to be disassembled and put into bike boxes for transport?

No, you can leave them fully assembled and if you want (and at your responsibility), also with bike shoes, the repair kit and lights

What must be included in the First-Aid Kit?

Everything needed to provide first-aid to your team mates during the race and the medicines that you use and are familiar with.

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